Boys Basketball Overcomes the Dons


IMG_0816BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Wednesday, January 13th, Varsity Boys’ Basketball defeated crosstown rival, Sierra Vista, on home territory in an intense and close match, ending 57-55.

The game started off with an almost underwhelming performance by the Braves. The Dons were in possession of the ball during much of the first two quarters. While the Dons were quick and aggressive, the Braves seemed to always be a frustrating step behind. The first quarter ended with the Braves trailing 13-8.

William Trinidad led most of the offensive plays during the first two quarters. In the second quarter, Trinidad also put a stop to the Dons’ momentum, which seemed to only grow as the night went on. The second quarter ended with the Braves still trailing 28-21.

After a halftime show by the amazing Braves Cheerleaders, suddenly the Braves seemed to break from their sluggish state and became aggressive on the court. The turning point of the game happened when Fernando Carrillo shot a three-pointer almost immediately after entering the third quarter.IMG_0840

Without a doubt, William Trinidad was the player of the night with his exceptional performance during the last quarter. Trinidad made four consecutive shots that earned the Braves 10 points, finally bringing the Braves ahead after trailing in the previous quarters. While the Braves stepped up their performance, the Dons were undaunted, continuing to execute fluid plays to match the Braves agility and aggressiveness.

Spectators in the stands were constantly cheering and objecting throughout the final quarters. They were especially tense in the last minutes of the fourth quarter, in which the Braves and Dons were neck-to-neck, each team fighting to somehow one-up the other. However, the Braves ultimately won the match with the final score being a close 57-55.

“It was a good experience but I was really nervous for the majority since BP was losing from 1-3 quarters but I knew that they would catch up, which they did,” said Samantha Sanchez, one of the anxious spectators who attended the game that night.

After the victory, player Timothy Lam reflected on the team’s overall performance.

“We overcame SV by having our intensity high, our bench was cheering for our teammates, and we were determined to win.”

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