Varsity Soccer Defeats Crosstown Rival


IMG_1394BALDWIN PARK, CA – The Braves Boys’ Varsity team squared off at home on Wednesday, the 13th, in their first conference game against crosstown rivals, the Sierra Vista Dons.

The game blasted off in a vigorous back-and-forth. The home crowd roared and sighed with each close call. Twenty minutes after the start of the game, the Braves gained the upper hand, via penalty kick, and set the score to 1-0.

With solid defensive plays, the Braves managed to keep their lead well into the second half of the game. The Dons let a couple of prime opportunities to score pass them by, but eventually the Braves managed to score again, making the score 2-0. The game then slowed to a crawl as both teams struggled to make any worthwhile advances.

In the final minutes of the game the Braves made one last big push at the Dons. The Dons reversed the push and made a last-ditch effort to rush the ball across the field. As the Dons approached the home goal, they took their last shot of the game. They missed, ending the game 2-0.

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