Blackstone and Chill


The new go-to place has opened up in Baldwin Park.

The Blackstone Owl opened up last November. Co-owners Steven Sanchez and Benny Gasgonia both previously worked at another gaming lounge in the San Gabriel Valley, however they saw how things were done there and decided that they could do it better themselves. So they decided to open shop here in Baldwin Park

Steve Sanchez, one of the co-owners of the store, wants it to be “…the go to place after a football game, or after school. Or, if you got a break and you just want to hangout.”

Blackstone has a wide array of ways to entertain yourself: board games, video games,


and a chalk wall for all to display their art. Their group, “Dolls and Dorks,” is accessible on where they schedule weekly events for the store. There, you can find out more about their weekly Monday Dungeons and Dragons meetup where new players can get introduced to the roleplaying game.

You can also find out more about their Magic the Gathering group that is available for everybody who wishes to join and learn about the card game. Additionally they also often have a Heart of Stone competition in which the winner gets one hundred percent of the entrance fees.

The Blackstone Owl is a great hangout spot for you and your friends. It is the type of place where one can easily lose track of time as you get sucked into the fun games and great staff there.

If you want to find out more go to:
or visit the store at:
13523 Francisquito Ave. Baldwin Park, Ca
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