Be a Master Not a Disaster


Education is a huge factor in today’s American Society, and while only a couple of decades ago you may have been able to live a comfortable life on only a high school diploma, today’s society demands a higher level of understanding and personal development in order to achieve success.

According to the Institute of Education Sciences, the dropout rates from 1990 to 2013 hves decreased from 12 percent to a convincing 7 percent. That is a whole 5 percent difference, but why? Well, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the unemployment rate of those who held only a high CropLeoschool diploma in 2014 was 6% while those who held a Master’s Degree only experienced an unemployment rate of 2.8%. Those who went on to further their education suffered less than half the unemployment rate of those who only held a high school diploma. The Bureau of Labor Statistics went on to claim that the median weekly salary for those with a high school diploma was only $488 while those with a Master’s Degree enjoyed a median weekly salary of $1,326.

Living on a high school diploma just doesn’t cut it in today’s economy where everything has a price tag and your education decides whether or not you’ll have the ability to pay the price. If you plan on living a comfortable life with a sound foundation for your future, you must pursue a career in which you further your education to the fullest.

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