Gave In But Never Gave Up: Lady Braves


The Braves and the Saints take off in the first quarter.

BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Friday, January 8th of 2016, the BPHS Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team lost to the San Dimas Saints at BPHS in an impressive and fierce game.

The Lady Braves, as well as the Saints, had a slow start in the first quarter. Players Monique Nieblas and Janett Medina fought aggressively to keep the ball in the Brave’s possession. San Dimas were just as aggressive, ending the quarter with a head start of the score, 11-7. It was only the beginning; the BPHS girls began to warm up.

 Things were getting tough for Baldwin Park but the girls never gave up.
Things were getting tough for Baldwin Park but the girls never gave up.

“The other team was being really  aggressive and there’s a difference between being aggressive and straight out hitting and they were just hitting for no reason,” said Kiana Martinez.

The second quarter scoring  was just as slow as the last one. Lauren Pistaffa continued to hustle by attempting three pointers and playing defense. Things were getting tough for Baldwin Park but the girls never gave up.

“I felt that we could have done better and hustled more. We could have had probably more people subbing in because we had so many people that were tired,” said Kiana Martinez when asked how she felt about the game.

The team score moved up 8 points from the second quarter. A jaw dropping shot by Nikki Rodriguez was the highlight of this quarter. The ball continued to go back and forth from the Braves to the Saints until the quarter ended with the Braves trailing behind, 37-19.

“We could have rebounded better, like more. We weren’t really hustling as much as they were. We weren’t aggressive like they were,” said Janett Medina.

The fourth quarter become more and more intense. The girls never gave up and continued to hustle throughout the entire game. Although Sally Hernandez had a slow start and some slip ups, she scored an astounding shot at the end.  The match may have ended with a final score of 41-25, but the Braves had great attitudes and honest sportsmanship. Although the Lady Braves seemed disappointed with the outcome we know they’ll get them next time.

Monique Nieblas gave a positive comment.

“We put up a good fight but we lost at the end. Any game we could win or lose…just wasn’t our day.”

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