The Scholarship Hunt

Porky the Scholarship Pig wants you to be successful.

Porky the Scholarship Pig wants you to be successful.

January 1 marks the deadline for many private universities across the country. While some schools still have applications open, the focus of many college-bound seniors for the next few months will be applying for scholarships and financial aid. Although many of the scholarship deadlines fell before or around the same time as deadlines for college applications, there are still many scholarships available for entry.

There are several major scholarships with January due dates that offer generous financial support for post-secondary education.

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program offers to cover the cost that other scholarships and grants do not meet and is meant to help outstanding minority students to acquire an undergraduate college education. If you are interested continuing your education in graduate school, GMS covers the cost of a graduate education in “computer science, education, engineering, library science, mathematics, public health or science.” The deadline is Wednesday, January 13 at 11:59 PM EST and requires the completion of an application form with eight essays (nine if you graduated or earned a GED over a year ago), a Nominator form, and a Recommender form.

The GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program offers recipients a $10,000 scholarship that may be renewed three times for a total of $40,000. The scholarship does not require recommendations in the first round, and there is only one extended essay to write. The deadline was originally Thursday January 7 but has since been extended to Monday January 11. SO APPLY NOW!

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) offers several scholarship programs targeted at different minority groups: RMHC/Asia, RMHC/African-American Future Achievers, RMHC/HACER. The RMHC/Scholars is open to all students. The deadline for all RMHC scholarship programs is Wednesday, January 20.

The Jeff Krosnoff Scholarship is a $10,000 scholarship open to four-year college-bound seniors with a strong academic record and history of community service, along with a “desire to succeed in their chosen endeavors”. The application must be mailed in along with transcripts and a typed essay. All materials must be postmarked by Wednesday, January 13.

Although filling out applications and writing essays may seem tedious, scholarships can make college affordable and can help students avoid significant debt.

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