Every Generation Has A Hero (Dj Khaled)


Dj Khaled is a hip pop producer and disk jockey who is known to hve worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Drake and Chris Brown. In recent months, Khaled’s popularity has skyrocketed and he has become a head figure of pop culture, known for his antics and motivational lectures on social media.

Khaled, whose real name is Khaled Bin Abdul Khaled, has a career which has spanned more than a decade. In 2003, he began to professionally work for WEDR, a Miami-based hip pop and R&B station, where he now hosts a weekend show on. As of 2016, he has released eight studio albums with his latest being, “I changed a lot,” released in October of 2015.

Of all of Khaled’s social media accounts, perhaps the most relevant one is his Snapchat due to the popularity surrounding his stories, which he updates several times a day. It is through Snapchat in which Khaled showcases a sort of persona that is obsessed with the idea of success and the steps taken to achieve it, or as he refers to it, “the keys to success.” In many of Khaled’s rants, he expresses a sense of pride in being successful and thus going against the wishes of a certain establishment of people who want Khaled, and other people in general, to fail at what they do in life. He refers to the establishment of people as, ‘they,’ and constantly talks about how “They don’t want us to be successful.” But who exactly is ‘they’, and what are their goals?

It is obvious to say that, ‘they’, is none other than the legions of those who hold negative attitudes against those who achieve success, in essence, ‘they’, are haters. Anyone who achieves a significant level of fame will have a fan base, but they will also have a group of people who disapprove of what they do, and no one understands this better than DJ Khaled. By showing off his success through the many luxuries he holds, Khaled is essentially telling, ‘they,’ that he will not stop doing what he loves despite the fact that some people want him to fail, and it is this type of attitude which needs to be more prevalent in our society.

“It’s amazing, he is a very inspirational man,” said Senior Mark Reyes.

But the, “Hey, look at me, I’m rich and successful,” theme isn’t the only kind of material you’ll find on Khaled’s stories. The forty year old record producer is known to video document large portions of the misadventures which he constantly embarks on. Just last month, the man drove a jet ski at night and managed to get lost at sea, uploading footage of what seemed like  the entire escapade to his story for the whole world to see. Luckily, Khaled managed to make his way back to civilization, unharmed.

Khaled being interviewed in 2012.

In the end, this man has a message which should resonate inside of us all, especially the seniors who are making the final sprint towards graduation: success will only come with hard work, and we should always strive for greatness. Through all of the seemingly restless nights and bouts of senioritis, we must never forget one crucial thing: they don’t want us to have success, and guess what? We’re going to have success.




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