Braves Wrestle with Defeat


On Thursday, January 7th, the wrestling teams of both Sierra Vista High School and Baldwin Park High School continued their crosstown rivalry in a dual match hosted by the Sierra Vista Dons. Sadly, the Baldwin Park Braves suffered defeat, walking away with a score of 45-27 for the Junior Varsity team and a score of 62-15 for the Varsity team.

captionThe Junior Varsity teams were the first to face off, with the girls of each team going first. The first match was a long drawn-out battle for supremacy, ending with victory for the Dons, something that unfortunately would be reflected throughout the remainder of the night.

After four consecutive victories for the Dons, Leslie Aguilar was able to break the streak with a successful match that boosted the morale of her teammates. The same valiant effort could be seen in Brandon Lopez as he further narrowed the gap in points between the Braves and the Dons. Despite their best efforts, the Baldwin Park Junior Varsity Wrestling team was unable to surpass Sierra Vista and lost with a score of 45-27.

Following a brief intermission, all lights not focusing on the wrestling mat dimmed and the Varsity teams ran into view, to the tune of a roaring electric guitar. When the first two opponents approached the mat, the crowd silenced to a volume below a whisper, in humble anticipation.

The Sierra Vista team attacked with surprising ferocity in the first varsity matches and soon gained the lead with a score of 18-0. BP Varsity team captain David Perez was able to win the first match for the Braves with a decision, bringing the score to 18-3.

What followed was a series of intense bouts of physical exertion, unfortunately all ending with victory for the Dons. Despite the grim situation, Andrew Quintero was able to pin his opponent and gain six points for the Braves. The same number of points were awarded to the Braves after Ray Villegas quickly pinned his opponent in the first period of his match, which brought the night’s final score to 62-15.

When asked to point out what he believes would help the team improve, Ray Villegas stated that the support of the school and its members is necessary for the team’s success. “We have some more people out here every other tournament and that boosts our morale,” said Villegas, “and that’s what I believe could make the team stronger.”


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