New Year, But Really, New You?

New Year, But Really, New You?

BALDWIN PARK, CA– Here we are again! That “January feeling” is in the air and it is finally 2016. Most of us know the phrase “New Year, New Me” as a way to change ourselves and start fresh every year. Whether being a lazy couch-loving slug or an unconfident Starbucks addict, the only person able to successfully change the New You is the Old You.

Do BPHS students have New Year’s resolutions? Receiving straight A’s, losing weight, learning a new language, and saving money may only be some of the many resolutions. Achieving a variety of different goals in school, fitness, or finance can only be done if Old You accepts and works hard for them.15a098a0-04ff-489f-9b02-7e806d59ab3c

“Even when I was younger, I never really went with the ‘New Year, New Me’ saying. I turned out fine. However, I do believe improving is very essential in becoming someone better. And as students, we should always strive to become successful in our studies and extracurricular activities,” said Tiffany Yu.

Tiffany Yu, BPHS junior, explained her opinion on this annual concept. With semester two barely starting, Tiffany already wants to work harder to kiss her junior year good-bye and open her arms wide to prepare for senior year.

Becoming “New You” may be bizarre to think about, but it has interesting reasons to make new changes this year. “New You” is different from “Old You”, so it can be very hard to implement change in a short time. Some may have a hard time with the commitment to adjust or others have reasons to not change at all.

One thing to remember is to not resolve yourself to be the kind of person everyone wants to be. Instead, take things slow, one day at a time. Having a consistent plan prevents the disappointment of failed resolutions.

As quoted from Charles Dederich, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Change is good (for Present You).

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