Los Angeles Schools Shut Down After Threat


Schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District were shut down on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 due to numerous threats the district received. About 650,000 students were forced to stay home as law enforcement searched campuses for any weapons or explosives. With the tragedy and attack in nearby San Bernardino, the district took this incident very seriously.

The decision to shut down the schools was made immediately after the district received threats via email mentioning assault rifles and machine pistols. Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti attended a news conference hosted by the district and stated that, “The decision to close the schools is not mine to make, but is mine to support.” This was the first time the whole district shut down since the Northridge Earthquake in 1994.

Though the incident could have been worse, many students kept a positive attitude and enjoyed the day off from school, especially since it was finals week. Roosevelt High School senior Kimberly Ortega said, “When they called me and told me there was not school today I was disappointed we were not going to pass out holiday grams, but in the inside I was like, yes.”

Schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District reopened the next day on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 once the threats were declared not credible and School Board President Steve Zimmer said, “We believe that our schools are safe and we can reopen schools in Los Angeles.”

The schools provided crisis counselors for students and teachers who needed it and also had extra campus security and police on site. Students within the Los Angeles Unified School District can now finish the first semester of the school year and look forward to winter break.

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