Secret Pals


Those of you with keen eyes may have noticed gifts occasionally left on your teacher’s desk throughout the semester. Surprisingly, it wasn’t Santa Claus that left those gifts, it was a Secret Pal.

Mrs. Melendez began Secret Pals during the last school year as a way for BPHS teachers and staff to exchange gifts and promote generosity, much like “Secret Santa.” Willing participants must first fill out a Secret Pals Survey that provides general information, such as their various like and dislikes, which is then distributed among the other participants. Once a member has a Secret Pal, they are encouraged to anonymously send them gifts.

This semester, teachers and staff began sending gifts to their secret pals in October and continued to do so until Wednesday, December 17. On Wednesday, the participants met for a luncheon in which they exchanged their final gifts and revealed themselves to their  Secret Pals.

There were 32 participants this time around, showing an increase from last year as more people are feeling inclined to join. Although Secret Pals is relatively new to this school, it has already gained the support of the staff and teachers. BPHS teacher Margarita Milnes approves of Secret Pals and says, “It’s fun; It’s nice to have the door open and [get] a little surprise.”

With the staff’s support, rising numbers in participants, and another event scheduled for next semester, Secret Pals holds the potential to become a lasting tradition at Baldwin Park High School.


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