Basketball Wins Against the Argonauts


Shwe Nemyo

Braves discussing game plans before the start of the match.

BALDWIN PARK — On Thursday, December 17, Boys’ Varsity Basketball played at home and won against the Garden Grove Argonauts in a close and intense match.

The first point of the game was made by the Argonauts and signaled a slow start for the Braves. Pitted against the aggressive Argonauts, the Braves fought just as aggressively but had some slips in defense.  Manuel Reyes made the first point for the Braves through a free throw. The first quarter ended with Braves trailing behind 15-7.

In the second quarter, the Argonauts continued to attack aggressively as the Braves fought just as hard. Tension rose in the court as it came down to the final seconds. Chris Giron claimed the quarter highlight for the Braves with a three-pointer made in the last two seconds. The first half of the game ended with the Braves behind the Argonauts 27-19.

Tides turned in the second half of the game. At the start of the third quarter, both Giron and Reyes scored for the Braves. With these points, the Braves caught up to the Argonauts. Suddenly, with a steal made by William Trinidad the Braves tied  the Argonauts, 27-27. Great plays and high morale set the mood for the rest of the second half. The third quarter ended with the Braves overtaking the Argonauts, 36-31.

The Braves set themselves up for a smooth fourth quarter, yet members of the team continued to seek to widen the point gap. This desire was seen through Timothy Lam’s noteworthy hustle to keep the ball in the Braves’ possession halfway through the quarter. The Braves continued their point streaks through subsequent lay-ups and successful free throws. The match-up ended with a final score of 51-43, a Baldwin Park victory.


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