When in Doubt, “Ask Arlyn!”

Remember that column “Ask Shirley” from the Disney Channel television show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody? Well, IMG_1395it’s en route to The Vanguard News! Our column will be called “Ask Arlyn” and it is coming very soon.

This new column will offer students a place to receive anonymous advice from some of our very own staff writers. They will be able to ask questions, give our newspaper suggestions, and ultimately, gain some words of advice, without ever having to worry about the world finding out their business or identities.

By offering a universal place to gain advice and have questions answered, we are hoping to bring clarity to many students’ lives, as they might have the same concerns others have, but may not know how to voice them.

Keep an eye out for Ask Arlyn! We will have more details about the launch date soon. Feel free to send in any suggestions or requests to askarlyn.vanguard@gmail.com!

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