BC Brawl


On Friday, November 20, the AP Calculus BC classes of Baldwin Park High School and Sierra Vista High School continued the friendly rivalry that exists between the schools in a comprehensive Kahoot! battle. Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform that allows teachers to create questions for their students. Official results were released by BPHS’s Gary Eastvedt on November 21 in a statement to his class via Chalkup. The results were:

  1. southvedt (BP)                   8758 pts
  2. Just du It (SV)                   6728
  3. Pls Win (SV)                       6579
  4. SV Loves (BP)                    6559
  5. SixEyes (BP)                      6382
  6. Hashbrown (SV)               6108
  7. Mathletes (SV)                   5780
  8. idk (SV)                               5149
  9. GraphIt (SV)                      4787
  10. Kahoot (BP)                       4771
  11. Northvedts (BP)                4724
  12. Cookycalc (SV)                   4144
  13. Dank (SV)                            3422

Students were divided into groups of three, with five teams at Baldwin Park High School (BP) and eight at SierraIMG_1712_72-Vanguard Vista High School (SV), and teams were allowed to choose their own names. The teams were then presented with timed questions drawing from a variety of disciplines covered in their classes.

After an intense class period full of math, sweat, and stressed outcries, the game ended, with BPHS’s own “southvedt” team (consisting of Gabriel Guzman, Michelle Vu, and Damaris Hernandez) holding the top position. Southvedt and the other two teams in the top five were treated to an assortment of chocolates as a reward for their excellence in the day’s competition.

An analysis of the results (top finisher, average team score, median team score, average place of finish, and median place of finish) revealed Baldwin Park High School as the overall victor.

However, these results have given rise to criticism from the Sierra Vista teams who claim the competition was biased in our favor because Eastvedt wrote the questions. In response to these concerns, Eastvedt has stated, “Clearly a rematch is in order.”

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