Senioritis: Is It Real?


Everyone in high school has heard of it: a supposed affliction in students their final year of high school, portrayed by a decline in motivation or performance. After three grueling years of high school and one stressful semester containing college applications, multiple standardized tests, and their senior project, all while regular homework piles up, seniors are worn out. With it being their last year, many believed that it would be the easiest year yet. However, after the first semester, most have experienced an exhausting few months.

When asked if senioritis was real, there was a mix of answers. Out of a 50 person survey composed of various Baldwin Park Seniors, a whopping 37 people believed that senioritis is real, while 13 believed it is a mere paradox.

“All these years I thought seniors are just lazy procrastinators, but this year it definitely hit me hard with it. You become so caught up in assignments and you figure since it’s your final year and you’ve done it every year before you can push it off, but you really can’t. It’s horrible. It consumes you,” said Senior Aleena Ortega.

Another senior, Krista Sierra stated, “You just have so much pressure. You want to be done and graduate already”.

However, it may also be seen as an excuse in students’ minds to not do any more work. After three years, students just want to relax and are willing to blame anything else other than their own laziness for not completing assignments.

“Senioritis really depends on the type of student; if they want to go to college and succeed or just get high school over with and let senioritis overcome them,” Sophomore Jocelyne Morfin said.

Real or not, Senioritis has definitely become a staple of high school culture.

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