Success in SBAC Testing


This past week many Baldwin Park High School seniors were given blue slips and a certificate that was a notification for a celebration hosted by Renaissance. The celebration was to congratulate the class of 2016 for their excellent scores on the SBAC test they took last spring.

Considering the celebration was a week before finals, seniors were delighted to enjoy a free 6th period free of class and full of friends, food, music, and prizes. Over 200 seniors participated in this celebration and enjoyed pizza, soda, and laughter with friends. Many students even won prizes including sunglasses, tee shirts, and lanyards given out by Mrs. Melendez.

Mr. Ippolito went on to present a slideshow that congratulated seniors for receiving higher scores than surrounding high schools including El Monte, Sierra Vista, Northview, and Covina. In fact, Baldwin Park High School was above California’s average in English and only 1 point below the average in Math.

This event was not only a way for seniors to celebrate their excellent scores but also discuss future plans and celebrate the end of the first semester of their senior year. They are half way there!

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