Keeping Pets Safe and Secure in the Colder Weather

Dog is kept warm and cozy for the winter
Dog is kept warm and cozy for the winter

Believe it or not, its getting colder here in Baldwin Park. With the all the hustle and bustle that comes in the late-fall and early-winter, its important to not forget about your little furry, fuzzy, or feathery companion.

Even though Baldwin Park doesn’t have to worry about inches of snow in the wintertime, it doesn’t mean that the nights don’t reach frigid temperatures. Pet-owners who have outdoor pets, like dogs and birds, should know of a few precautions to ensure the comfort and safety of their pets.

One of the easiest things to do is to bring them inside the house to keep them in a warmer environment. This  doesn’t mean that they’ll stay inside forever, so you can leave them out during the day and bring them in at night if you want. If having you’re four-legged friend indoors just isn’t an option, don’t fret, there are some workarounds. Procuring a soft, warm, and dry place for your pet to sleep at night, like a pet bed, is a passable compromise. Bird-owners who can’t bring their caged birds inside could cover the bird cage with a thick blanket, or similar covering, to keep the birds warm at night.

Aside from increased  shelter, pet owners should  be mindful of the amount of food they need to give to their pets. In these colder months, outside pets should be given more food, as they need the extra calories to keep their bodies warm. Another helpful, and festive, thing to is do is to acquire a pet sweater or coat for your dog or cat. These sweaters are helpful for keeping  shorter-haired dogs and cats warm. Owners must be sure to keep their pets and the sweaters dry, as wearing a wet sweater could make the pet colder.

Remember that your pet has feelings too, so if it’s too cold outside for you, just imagine how it is for them.To many people, their pets are an essential part of the family, so be sure to keep your cuddly companions cozy and safe this winter season.

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