Freshman Grades: Big Deal Or Not?

Freshman Grades: Big Deal Or Not?

sw_grades_checklist_9th_0BALDWIN PARK, CA– Although some may say freshman grades don’t matter, many students at BPHS believe that all four years of high school contribute to their futures.

Colleges take all of a student’s high school grades into consideration to determine whether he or she has a consistent academic goal. A student should of course study hard, but also enjoy their first year of high school. Freshman year only comes once and students should make the best of it.

“I think trying both in conjunction works for the better in the sense that of course, ‘all work and no play makes jack a dull boy’ and vice versa with having ‘too much’ fun and disregarding your schoolwork is damaging in the same sense,” said Jenny Posavatdy, BPHS freshman. She believes that students should study well and have fun at the same time.

She also explained how the first semester of her high school career has affected her. This semester has given her more experience as a high school student to continue throughout the years.

“Personally, my first semester ever was this one, and I’m more familiarized with the functions of the particular schoolwork at my level, and overall as a high schooler. Albeit there being still a long way to go and more to be accustomed to, I feel like I can definitely have more of a substantial guideline for the rest of the year. This would more strongly pertain to keeping good time management and learning how to solve situations.”

Sean Muse, BPHS freshman, also added in his opinion on freshman grades.

“Stressing out about a letter grade is just too much and some may go overboard, but the important thing is to know that you tried your best. I believe that your grades from all four years so count. And my plan will remain the same: never settle and always do extra credit,” he said.

Both Jenny and Sean are correct. The ninth grade is the starting point of the four years and it does count in the cumulative GPA. Some colleges will even look into students’ middle school grades. Their future depends on just five different letters. Rather than taking the class again, do well and get it over with. Taking a class again from failure can waste time and effort.

But remember,  grades do not define you. They do not test your intelligence, they test your memory and patience. But continue to maintain your academics with extracurricular and have fun while you can! You only live through high school once.

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