Star Wars Preview

Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_Theatrical_PosterThis Friday, December 18th, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to open in theatres worldwide. Many people are very excited for this premiere and this movie has become a highlight of 2015 although it is coming out in the last few weeks of the year. Not only have fans been counting down to this movie but some fans have even been camping outside of Hollywood Blvd. in order to be some of the first people to see it. The line is about 4 blocks long and that takes up about half a mile of the street. Not only are these fans camping out in what seems to be the coldest week ever but a couple just recently got married in the wait line.

Due to how excited fans have been stores such as Target, Forever 21 and more are selling endless amounts of Star Wars apparel and merchandise throughout their stores. Disney has definitely gained revenue due to how they have added features to Disneyland so fans can go visit their park and have the ultimate Star Wars experience in Tomorrowland.

Due to the disappointment fans faced with the prequels not so long ago, many fans are skeptical of whether or not this new movie and trilogy will be either amazing or something they want to forget like Jar Jar Binks. So far, the trailers┬áhave been getting a lot of positive attention and fans cannot wait to see the movie at their local theatres. This movie is likely to be a blockbuster regardless if it ends up being a great movie or just another Episode 1. Make sure to stay up-to-date with The Vanguard News as we will have a review up soon after this premiere weekend and don’t forget to check our countdown to the movie. May the force be with this movie and Star Wars fans get an exciting new movie to rave about for years to come.


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