Benefits of Being a Veteran

Benefits of Being a Veteran

Linda Preciado, Staff Writer

While many people only bring light to the dangers of serving in the military, there are actually many perks that come from it. Not every job in the military is dangerous and not every job requires one to actually fight in war or confront the enemy. Believe it or not, there are loads of people who are unaware of the benefits that come from serving in the military. Serving at least four years of active duty in the military can earn one four years of debt-free attendance at the finest colleges in the country, low mortgage rates, a great travel experience, and the honor of having fought for a country where one can smell freedom in the air.
“I’ve been to countries that I’ve never been back to since. The Marine Corps sent me to 27 different countries around the world, and I’ve only been to one of those countries since. It was a great travel experience,” said BPHS U.S. history teacher and former Marine, Mr. Schmidt.

“It’s not for everybody, being in the military. Yeah, if you have no definite plan and you don’t know what you’re going to do, then join up. Four years from now, your life will start to get normal. Then you have the G.I. Bill or the Army Scholarship Fund; there are lots of ways that college will be free. You don’t have to take the SAT or anything like that. If you’re not sure what you want to do, serving four years in the military in any branch will get you at least free college education. There are a lot of technical jobs available; you don’t have to be an expert at shooting people at 1000 yards in the dark,” said Mr. Schmidt, when asked if he would encourage high school seniors to sign up for the military. He, himself, attended UCLA after serving his four years of active duty and was not consumed in life-long debt.

According to Mr. Schmidt, “Only 10% of the military jobs are dangerous jobs like I did. The rest are support like cooking meals, the hospital, driving up supplies. Most jobs in the military are pretty safe.”

On top of a great travel experience, a free college education, and low mortgage rates, one who serves in the military creates bonds with other members that will last a life-time, just like Mr. Schmidt did. He celebrates every Veteran’s Day with the men he served with and still refers to them as “the Boys,” even 25 years later. Who ever said one does not benefit from being in the military?

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