GSA Saves Christmas!


BPHS’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), fundraised for the club and helped BPHS get into the holiday spirit by selling festive buttons for a low price of $1.

The GSA club, notorious for their very creative buttons, stocked their shelves with buttons featuring characters from the beloved Disney shows Lilo and Stitch and Winnie the Pooh, and from the movies Frozen and the Night Before Christmas. These Grinch-repellant buttons were cute and creative, and made a great asset to any Christmas sweater or gift.

The club located their booth right in front of Ms. Humason’s room, 511, and sold during both lunches. The sale began at the beginning of December and continued through December 11. They showed great salesmanship and even made it clear that other designs were available upon demand. It is safe to say the GSA club saved Christmas!


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