Zooming Through Quarantine


Around the world people have been able to take part in virtual events with Zoom. These online gatherings help people stay busy and entertained during quarantine while staying at home. 

Zoom is a video conferencing resource where people can interact with one another free of charge. This tool comes with a chat room and can have up to 100 people in one meeting. This application also comes with features like screen share and virtual backgrounds.

Zoom is a universal tool and it has been used by various people for different reasons. Because school is still in session, teachers and staff have used this app to keep in contact with their students. Zoom makes virtual learning easier for teachers because they are able to talk to students either in a class or one on one. With Zoom, teachers also share their computer screen to help students with notes or assignments.

Zoom has also been a useful tool for businesses to stay running. People are social distancing so it has been hard for workers to attend meetings in person. Zoom has helped by keeping business meetings on schedule. Even doctors can keep their appointments with patients through video calls.

This platform is not only for formal settings, it can be used to socialize with loved ones. Because people cannot go out, they can have group calls to keep in touch with their friends and families. There have been Zoom meetings involving trivia games, virtual parties, or simply catching up. Zoom has also been used to have virtual festivities like prom, birthday parties, and baby gender reveals. 

Although Zoom is a useful tool for people to stay in touch, there are other video calling resources. During this pandemic, districts use varying tools like Google Meet, Webex Meet, and Microsoft Teams. For BPUSD, Webex Meet is the main form of videoconferencing. 

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