Appreciating Teachers During Quarantine


Even though the BP Braves are not going to school in person, Renaissance found a way to connect  students and teachers. During May 4th to 8th, Renaissance has a teacher appreciation week planned to highlight their hard work.

On Monday, May 4th, students can email a thank you to their teachers. These thank yous can be for any reason like helping them through a tough time or simply being passionate about what they teach. In order to get a teacher’s email, you can go to the BPHS website.

May 5th is a day for students to create a gift using technology and send it to their teachers. This gift of appreciation can be made using an app like Canva. This free app has layouts for graphic designs where people can create presentations, posters, logos, and cards. Students are also free to create memes or videos that reflect their gratitude for their teachers.

For Wednesday, students are free to share their favorite memories of their favorite teacher using their social media. Then, students can screenshot their post and send it to their teachers via email, Remind, Google Classroom, or any other way they communicate.

May 7th is similar to Wednesday’s spirit day because both involve sharing your favorites. On Thursday, a student is supposed to share their favorite lesson or skill they learned in their favorite teacher’s class. These skills can vary from life lessons to subject concepts.

For the last day of teacher appreciation week, students can create a fun video for their teachers. This funny video can be recorded using apps like Snapchat or Instagram. These apps include filters, stickers, and GIFs that students can use to add humor to their personalized videos.

To find more information about this spirit week follow the Renaissance Instagram @renaissancebphs. The BPHS Renaissance page will be updating followers on any upcoming spirit weeks and have appreciation posts for staff members. 

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