The Trauma Class of 2020 Will Face

The Trauma Class of 2020 Will Face

Friday March 13, 2020 will be remembered by many students at BPHS, and also nationwide, as the last day of school for the remainder of the school year. The closing of the schools was due to the Coronavirus being widely spread around the country and school districts thought it was best not to endanger students and teachers.

Schools closing left seniors with many questions concerning their end of the year activities and most importantly, graduation. At BPHS, senior activities were canceled, including Prom and Grad Night. Graduation is still being discussed, whether there will be a virtual graduation or a fall graduation for the class of 2020. Seniors were distraught after hearing that the events they were so looking forward to were now canceled.

Not only were traditions being canceled but all universities were also closed, meaning incoming freshman cannot visit schools or go to orientations. Herman Cortez, NHS President, stated, “It is difficult for us to decide what college to go to because we can’t visit the campuses in person or go to the admit orientations. I hope we can have a graduation in the fall when this is all over.” Having to decide where they will continue their education is difficult for the class of 2020 because their high school graduation, something that they have anticipated, is gone.

Many were especially sad about prom. Christina Sanchez, Key Club President, explained, “Prom is something we look forward to since we are in elementary school and now that we won’t get to ever experience that, it really sucks, especially for those of us who already had our dress. Also, graduation was going to be something meaningful not only to me but to my parents so not having a graduation sort of diminishes everything.” Seniors are no longer feeling motivated and it is sad that they are stepping into college without any celebration.

Teachers also have their thoughts on this complicated situation. Mrs. Melendez stated, “Our seniors deserve a celebration and I know we will figure out a way to celebrate them and let them know that they are loved and their hard work to get to this milestone in their lives is appreciated.”

Due to the coronavirus the class of 2020’s traditions and celebrations are canceled. This has brought many students’ spirits down because we are unsure of what will occur now. For right now everyone should stay inside and stay safe and hopefully there is some type of recognition for the class of 2020.

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