BP Dominates Nogales


On Thursday, February 27th, Baldwin Park High School’s  track and field team held a meet against Nogales High School at the stadium. This meet against Nogales was preseason. BPHS’ track team beat Nogales in almost every event, so BP cruised to victory.

BPHS’ track team started their preseason strong, with a victory for the boys varsity. The boys frosh-soph team also won since Nogales did not have a frosh-soph team for the boys or the girls. The girls varsity team also beat Nogales varsity girls. Scoring in track is different from other sports. Since, there are so many different events, for example the 400m, the 1600m,  the long jump and many more all the points are added from each competition and whoever has more total points wins. Only 1st-3rd places are counted for each event. Scoring first place counts for five points, second place counts for three points and third place is one point. Nogales’ long distance team was far better than their sprinters. So, the BP sprinters won by a long shot against Nogales, while in long distance a Nogales girl placed first and a Nogales boy placed third for the mile. Baldwin Park’s field team, the jumpers and throwers, also won against Nogales. Because Nogales had a small track team there were events like the girls 4×100 where BPHS won by default.

On BP’s long distance team, freshman Isabella Salinas scored many points for her team. During the 1600m race she placed second and for the 3200 event she was the first girl to finish the race. She stated, “I try not to get nervous before a race and basically just pace myself so that I don’t burn out.” Elliot Melchor, captain of the long distance team as well, placed first in the 1600m. He explains, “I don’t go all out in the beginning, I slowly reach the frontrunner and focus on beating him.” Jumpers also had a good meet with mostly BP scoring points. Long jumper, Issac Carbajal placed first. Carbajal stated, “I stay in the zone and I don’t listen to what the other team says.” Overall, the track team was content with their victory and felt it was a good start to their season.

Although this meet was pre-season, BPHS’ track team put their all in each event and it paid off. Their season starts on March 4th with their first league meet being against Chaffey High School. It is a home meet, show support for your school’s sports by attending the meet at 3:15.

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