Sadie Hawkins 80 Years Later


Baldwin Park High School is hosting the annual Sadie Hawkins dance on February 28th. Sadies is the dance when instead of the boy asking the girl out the girl does the asking. The week from 02/24 to 02/28 is also a spirit week in preparation for the dance.

Many have the misconception that Sadie Hawkins was a real person that broke gender roles and is the reason why Sadies is a popular dance held in America. In fact, the story of Sadie Hawkins is considered quite sexist. Al Capp, a cartoon artist, created a comic strip on November 5, 1937 in which Sadie was a character in the fictional town of Dogpatch in Kentucky. Sadie’s father was a powerful man in town but Sadie was considered one of the ugliest girls in town so no one was lining up to to marry her. Sadie’s father did not want his daughter to end up alone so he created a day called “Sadie Hawkins Day” where all bachelors were told to attend this day. Instead of the guys chasing after Sadie, she raced after them and whoever she caught was legally bound to her. According to Life Magazine in 1939, two years after the release of the comic strip, 200 colleges were hosting Sadie Hawkins dances and nowadays almost every high school also participates in this.

The theme for this year’s Sadies Dance at BPHS is 50s/60s, meaning students should dress in the fashion that was popular in those decades. On Monday the spirit day was called “Milkshake Monday” where students were told to wear pink and white. Tuesday was “Rockabilly Day” meaning students should dress in the rockabilly style including pencil skirts as well as, black, white and red clothes. On Wednesday the spirit day was “Jacket Day” which was a pretty self explanatory day where students were told to wear jackets, especially leather jackets. On Thursday the day was called “Checkered vs Chucks” where students either wore Vans or Converse, another easy day to participate. Friday the spirit day was “T-Birds vs Pink Ladies” a day inspired by the musical “Grease” that is set in the 1950s. Buy your Sadies dance ticket before Friday!

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