Having a Boat-Load of Fun


On Tuesday, December 8th, AP Physics students showed off their skills by building a boat with only duct tape and cardboard that is able to hold two people and compete to finish an obstacle course in the pool as fast as they could. There were five teams consisting of names such as S.S. Cena, Put ’em in a Coffin and Goodsharonnnbye Kitty. In the end, two teams, BG and S.S. Cena tied at two minutes and one second for first place and last place ended the obstacle course at three minutes and fifty eight seconds.

“I feel they have no chance against us.. I just feel good about my boat,” said Daniel Vazquez, whose group Put ’em in a Coffin won 3rd place.

AP Physics teacher Mr. Eastvedt, when asked if he believed this project was successful, said, “Yeah, I thought it was too easy. They over-performed. I’m going to have to make this a lot harder.” He confirmed that next year he will make modifications and we will have to wait and see what projects are to come for the AP Physics students.

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