The Good and the Bad


Image by Jamal Abdul Nasir from Pixabay

I am 17 years old, almost 18 years old in  4 more months. During these years I have seen the good side, the worst side of people and their false side. There are times I have seen people take out their cruel side that makes me think that there is no hope in humanity anymore. I was born in an era where people think more about themselves than they think about what others feel. I was born in an era where racism was sleeping but woke up again, where many animals have become extinct, our climate is going up and down, where women are still being put aside and where being homosexual is a controversy. 

When I was younger, my mom and dad taught me to be respectful, to say please, to never take something that is not mine and to help others without expecting something back. They taught me the basic rules of respect but there are things in this life that we have to learn by ourselves. As I became older and mature, I started to think of myself. I choose my own beliefs and see the reality of life but still following what my mom and dad taught me. As a woman, I have seen the struggle and risks to be one. 

However, in life, we have ups and downs. In this life, not everything is bad. There are still good people who want to change their bad side. There is still hope in my heart and mind whether there is still a world where everyone is kind to each other. A world where there is not a price for helping others.

Respect women like you respect your mother.  There are still people who treat women like they are nothing. These people abuse and hurt women but if those women were their own mothers maybe they wouldn’t do it.  For example, some men still think that they have the right to hurt their wives because they are their husbands. All women should be treated with respect no matter what. 

Help others without expecting something back.  There is nothing better than helping others when we help others we actually feel better about ourselves. If you see a woman or anyone walking with heavy bags from the market and they are struggling to walk, help her. After you help them they feel better and our spirits lift too. Life gives us back twice anything good we made and also bad. 

Do not be racist. If you are racist you still live in the past when everything new or different was bad. We must tolerate others to be able to live a peaceful life. No one would like to be part of a racist moment where people insult you and wish you the worst. We can not be equal because this world was made to have diversity.  

If we could live in a world where everyone was treated equally, where no one is racist, where everyone helps others, we could live a better and happier life than we have now. Life was made to be lived how we want, but we must let others theirs live.  Our spirit grows and feels better when we do good things. 


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