My Personal Credo


I am currently 16 years old and have just asked myself “Am I really following my own rules?” “Do I even have my own rules?” “What have I been doing so far that are even considered rules?”. I do have rules made by my parents in order to keep me safe and help me behave when I am not home or at school, but I do not have any rules of my own. Both of my parents made sure I knew each rule for my own well-being and why we had them.

The rules we had were pretty basic like any other family with rules: Treat people how you would like to be treated, Do not talk to people you don’t know without an adult around, Cook for yourself to learn on your own, Be yourself and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. The last one is a bit difficult, but I still try my best.

Treat people how you want to be treated:  Not everyone is going to do the same for you but it’s good to be the bigger person and show to them that you are more mature than just bickering back and forth with insults. It isn’t a good look when someone would insult you and you decide to retaliate with another insult, but that’s ok as Ms. Tucker told us “It’s natural instinct for us to say something bad back.”

Do not talk to people you don’t know: I think every parent has this rule for their child for multiple reasons, whether it’s being scared they might get kidnapped by said person or scared that the random person might follow them home, etc. Parents want to make sure we are safe at any given moment of the day which sparks up another rule related to this one, call or text when something happens. Maybe every 1 hour or every 2 hours they want us to let them know in some way that we are okay.

Learn to cook for yourself: I feel like every parent has to have their kid learn to cook at some point in their life. A lot of parents want their kids to become independent by the time they move out into their own homes. They wouldn’t want you cooking Maruchan Ramen every single day, they would want you to have actual meals to keep yourself healthy and full. Stuff like macaroni and cheese or eggs with bacon and pancakes are examples of foods that are so easy to learn.

Be yourself and don’t let others tell you otherwise: Every parent is scared of their child being bullied at school, so they let us know that we don’t need to impress anyone to stay happy. If you like weird things like Anime or watching Harry Potter, they want you to stay happy doing what you love. Follow your dreams in life. If you want to become a chef and someone tells you that you aren’t good enough, show them that you can become a chef without them. You want to become an artist but someone says you don’t draw very well, take that as something to learn from and become better until you see yourself fit to be an artist.

Maybe if the world wasn’t as judgmental as it is now we wouldn’t have to worry about most of these things, but it seems that we can’t even change other’s opinions on us. I feel that if we include some of these rules into everyone’s normal life we would have a life that seems a lot more honest and positive. Yes, some things might never change, but not everything can be perfect.


Just share it.