The Life and Times


There really is no definitive answer to the question “What is the meaning of life?” The reason we have no definitive answer is that we don’t know what happens after it ends. Many different people have many different beliefs with many different explanations.

After the news of the tragedy that occurred on January 26th, Jay Williams got on the air and said “Today’s just a really, Today’s a rough day. Today’s a hard day. And I hope everybody at home, you give the person next to you, whatever thing you have wrong in your life with them, this might be small or big, let that s**t go.” It doesn’t matter. I know I cursed, I’m sorry. None of that stuff matters, man. This is about life and being precious with every damn second we have here. Because from somebody who knows, who it almost happened to me, like that man. It’s just over. It’s done, randomly.”

Life can be gone in an instant. You could’ve given me a million different scenarios for what could’ve happened and occurred on Sunday, January 26th, 2020. What happened to Kobe “Bean” Bryant, that would’ve been at the absolute bottom, the “one in a million” thing I never would’ve expected. This really had a harsh effect on me and my outlook on life. You hear about many aviation disasters on the news, but that one affected me way more than any other one.

I’m not related to Kobe “Bean” Bryant, and  I didn’t know him personally, and I never got the chance to shake his hand or exchange any words with him, yet I’m in a tremendous amount of pain. I feel like I’ve lost a loved one. A brother, A father. Growing up in Baldwin Park California, I got the opportunity to see him play. He was a living legend. His legend still lives on, and it will always live on. He’s part of the reason why I love basketball. As a matter a fact, he is the reason I initially began to enjoy basketball. Seeing him hit those game-winners, made playing Horse fun. Trying crazy spin around jumpers and fadeaways, I couldn’t make them as he could. No one could make them as he could. He brought everyone together.

It didn’t matter what was going on at home as far as family issues or regardless of whatever it may be; it always brought everyone together, to sit down and watch him, as he perfected his craft, It was amazing to watch. He is an all-time great player. Truly a basketball savant. Arguably the hardest worker ever. Watching Kobe as someone who loves basketball because of him. The only comparison I could even think of would be someone who absolutely loves art being able to sit beside Michelangelo and DaVinci as they painted. But even that experience can’t hold a candle to the experience of watching Kobe play because he had everyone emotionally invested. He said “Heroes come and go but legends last forever”. Kobe is both. He is a hero. In the world of basketball. In the world of Los Angeles. In everyone’s world. I’m completely heartbroken. He made my childhood.

This was the first time I shed many tears for someone I have never met. The spirit of Kobe, of  The Mamba is great. I believe it exists in everyone that has ever seen him play. Even if they didn’t like basketball or the Lakers. He had countless fans and people who adored him simply because of his mental toughness as well as his mentality. Kobe Bryant forever has a place in my heart. I feel pain to the depth where it feels like he was a close family member, a relative. That just speaks to his greatness and his presence. To have such an impact on people that he never got the opportunity to talk to and vice versa.

Talking to him would be the real honor. Looking back on all those memories at the moment it hurts too much. It just brings me to tears. Thinking of all the times I would sit with my dad and watch him play and just jump for joy right after the game and run outside and attempted to do what he could do. What happened made me realize how precious life is. How fragile it is. I really can’t even comprehend it. That it happened to him. Because of his greatness, the legend of Kobe is so great I personally can’t even comprehend or believe it to the point where I can process what happened. I can’t even fathom what Vanessa is going through. His other daughters. His extended family. To be this heartbroken and distraught over the loss of Kobe “Bean” Bryant.

I want to say thank you to Kobe. For everything. From what he did for the Lakers as a Laker to just what he did as a person for every other person. What Kobe means to me as well as his greatness I really can’t put into words. They wouldn’t do him justice. We can’t live life with pettiness or holding any grudges at all. As Shannon Sharpe said it. Jay Williams also. “Let that s**t go” It’s not worth it. I want to apologize to everyone that has ever been angered or upset by me. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.  Move on to bigger and better things. We have to appreciate each other and keep each other in a positive light as much as we can. It isn’t worth it to hold a grudge over anything, whatever it may be. To know that the last thing you could possibly say to a person is an insult or something that doesn’t leave you on good terms. It isn’t worth it. Let’s appreciate life.

This worldwide tragedy made everyone realize the fragility of life. It’s sad to think that this is what it took for people to want to be happier and more appreciative. But let’s stop being negative. Stop holding grudges and being petty and selfish. Please try and be as positive and as helpful as you can be. Please. Don’t live life with regrets. Please don’t look back and think the last time I saw that person we could have laughed and cracked jokes but instead we stared each other down in anger or pettiness. Please don’t let it happen. Please, for the love of God, the love of humanity.


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