My Life


I am 16 years into this story called life. I have been taught many of these rules meant to prepare me for society and my future by my family, such as my parents and previous generations. I never relied on religion to save me or guide me, since I personally think religion is just bogus stories meant to keep a check on people.

Growing up, I was taught these basics: Wash your hands before eating; be respectful; clean up your own mess; don’t take things that aren’t yours. After learning these basics, they just became an everyday routine in my life. As I got to understand life and how society works, I began to realize that not everyone follows these specific rules, which can be truly frustrating and disturbing. 

There is a huge amount of people who seek to live what is called a “perfect life”. However, to live a perfect or near-perfect life it should consist of positivity, surrounding yourself with good people, and living without much worry. I strongly believe that these standard requirements should be practiced and learned for more memorable life experiences.  

Learn something new: Learning something new will benefit you in ways you never would have imagined. To learn something new not only can be fun like learning how to cook new meals but can be beneficial in situations such as fixing a car or camping. Knowing more than the person next to you will make life easier and can also benefit you in the long run. This can even set aside differences between one another. 

Always be thankful: This can be difficult for people who take things for granted. To always be thankful doesn’t mean when mom buys you a meal or when you get a great gift. I’m not saying to not be thankful for the little things. More like to be thankful for what you already have but don’t realize such as breathing, having a healthy body, or even having a roof over your head with a bed and blanket to keep you warm. There are about 8 billion people on this earth, I’m sure there’s someone else willing to do anything for what you already have. 

Stop to take a breath: We live in a constantly moving world where people are always doing work or trying to achieve their goals. We are always moving and worrying about the next day because time is our enemy in life. Just stop all things, put your phone down and just take a breather and enjoy where you are in the present time. Relieve yourself from stress before it devours you whole. 

Give your full effort on everything: Hard work is what we like to call it. To give something your all is how we should function. Even if you don’t like or understand something like a subject, there are always ways to work around those barriers to become successful. The effort is what shows even if you don’t make it. At times it’s better to aim high and miss your target than aim low and hit your target. You learn more and experience more for new possibilities in life. 

If we have more people who learn something new, are always thankful, stop to take a breath and give their full effort on something, then I believe that we can limit or maybe even eliminate real-world problems. We can set aside differences and negativity to work as one for a better tomorrow. To see the bright side of the dark side and be adaptive to change, together we will change society as a whole than just a piece of it. 


Just share it.