Stepping Into the Real World


As the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year is here, seniors have been making important decisions regarding their futures. BPHS seniors have been deciding if they are going to continue their education after high school or follow other routes, like going straight to work or enlisting in the military. 

Senior Nancy has decided to advance in her studies and earn her teaching credential. She is “planning on getting a degree in early childhood education to become an elementary school teacher” which is reflected in her involvement in BPHS classes like Peer Pals and Renaissance. To fulfill this goal, Nancy has applied to UCs including UCLA, UCSB, and UCI, Cal States, and one community college. Her top choice is to go to a UC and dorm for two years. Because college is expensive, Nancy is planning on doing work study and has applied for UCI scholarships for prospective students. As UCI accepts students, the Admissions Office will notify those who will receive scholarships.  

Student School Site Council Member Jennifer applied to UCSB, UCSD, UCR, and UCI as her top choices. She also applied to some Cal States, a private and a community college as a backup plan. Sanchez-Sumano wants to earn her degree in either English or dentistry because those career prospects interest her. In her case, she plans on dorming if she goes to a school that is far but will live with her parents if her school is close to home. Jen has decided that she will be “focusing on studying,” but if the need arises, she will work at a part time job. She “would prioritize and place school before any job.”

Soon-to-be graduate, Margaret also decided to further her education at college, applying to the Los Angeles, San Diego, Dominguez Hills, and Pomona’s Cal States. She plans on “working towards a masters degree and becoming a history teacher.” Margaret is part of the DL program at BPHS, embracing her Mexican identity, and as she applies to schools, she has also been applying to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. 

Robert has decided to go to a community college but is still deciding between Pasadena Community College and Mt. SAC. Although unsure, he is interested in being a creative director which is why he “would like to study graphic design, then transfer to FIDM to get a masters degree.” Like many, Robert is also planning on working and going to school at the same time. As for his living situation, Robert is “planning on moving in with roommates in LA or moving to another state completely.”

As the end of the school year is approaching, seniors are looking forward to their last months here. Many seniors enjoy activities like Granite and prom and are anticipating graduation in June but first will be awaiting acceptance letters in March to decide where to go to school.

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