NAMI’s Women’s Week


The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Club organized a spirit week meant to raise awareness of women’s mental health, for the week January 13th to January 17th. The club did something similar in November calling the whole month Movember and advocating for men’s mental health, which can sometimes be overlooked.

Members of NAMI spent weeks thinking of spirit days, that went along with women’s mental health and creating posters to promote the days students should participate.

On Monday, students were asked to wear glitter, or any type of makeup. Since many people do not own glitter, NAMI facilitated this spirit day by handing out heart stickers with glitter on them. Tuesday was “Tea Time Tuesday” and students were invited into Rm. 708 to enjoy tea, coffee, lemonade and cookies during brunch. This brunch time activity was a huge success, the classroom was full and the cookies ran out. On Wednesday, the spirit day was to wear pink, something many students participated in because most people own pink clothing or shoes. Thursday, was called “Thank-you Thursday” where students thanked a fabulous female in their life with a note and a rose. The notes with roses were given to English teachers who were then asked to pass them out to students and the students passed the note on. The last day of this spirit week was “Formal Friday” where students can wear a dress or a tie, whatever they feel comfortable in. To end this fantastic week, NAMI invited students to Rm.708 for a movie night, where “Mean Girls” was played for everyone’s entertainment.

NAMI Club has future plans to keep breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness, specifically at BPHS. The NAMI Club holds meetings every Monday, after school, in Rm.708. There are helpful workshops and important information one can learn at these club meetings.

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