Spice Up Your Eating Habits


The Himalayan Café on Maine Ave., in front of the Dollar Tree, might seem like any other ethnic restaurant, but it surely isn’t. We decided to give it a shot for our new Restaurant Review column in The Vanguard News.

Although we were hesitant about whether or not to give the café a try due to the fact that it is so exotic, we are certainly glad we tried it. Trying new and foreign foods is oftentimes a daunting task, but as we learned, it is not always a waste of time nor a waste of money. With both great food, great service, and a beautiful set-up, the café left us feeling full and satisfied at the end of our visit.

We were greeted upon arrival and guided to the dining area by an overly-eager employee, where we were rice-editedinstructed to sit wherever we felt most comfortable. Our waiter laid menus down in front of us, and poured lemon-infused water into our glasses. Our curiosity and unfamiliarity with the food ultimately resulted in us taking around ten minutes to order, but even then, our waiter showed great hospitality and was extremely patient with us throughout the whole ordering process. Although there was an obvious language barrier while communicating, he didn’t flinch at our terrible pronunciation of the items on the menu.

The restaurant was spacious and very quiet, which inevitably resulted in the creation of a potentially awkward atmosphere. The quiet atmosphere made it tough to not want to whisper. The place was quiet for a while until our free show began. An employee had his earphones in and either did not realize his loud singing or merely did not care. While his singing elicited some laughs from us, it was unprofessional and got obnoxious quickly after we realized the lack of consideration he showed toward our presence as customers.

After ten minutes of trying to decide what to order, we finally opted for the Lamb Vindaloo and the Chicken Korma as our main entrees, followed by a side of rice or “Basmati Bhat.” For dessert we had the “Tibetan Roti,” a deep fried wheat bread served with mango chutney. The two dishes were full of spices that intertwined nicely, which led to a great flavor.

Although it is located in Baldwin Park, a city that mainly has fast food chains and diners, one should not go in expecting the same overall experience. The Himalayan Café offers residents a chance to diversify and spice up their eating habits at a reasonable price. Lamb, a usually highly-priced dish, was $12.99 and a side order of rice was only $2.99.

Overall, it was a great experience with great food, all while supporting a local business. It was an interesting adventure in which we were able to venture out of our normal routine and experience new things. We give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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