Are Americans Going to be Drafted?

Are Americans Going to be Drafted?

On January 3rd  President Trump ordered an airstrike, killing top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. This news sparked fear in people for a variety of reasons, with some people wondering if this would be the return of the draft. The draft was first used during the Civil War in 1861 but there has been no enlistment since 1973, during the Vietnam War.

People started assuming the draft would begin again and the hashtag World War III started trending on social media. The probability of there being a draft is slim to none. Currently, the military is full of troops who voluntarily want to fight for the country. The New York Times’ article, “Will There Be a Draft,” states, “Congress would have to pass a law reinstating the draft, and the president would have to sign it, actions that would likely require broad political support.” Essentially, the draft occurring would require Congress to get involved.

Something else people were speculating about was if women were going to be drafted if World War III were to happen. In past wars only men have been eligible for the draft. But since women have gained a higher role in the military, there have been arguments over whether or not women should be registered. The New York Times article states that, “Last year, a federal judge in Houston ruled that excluding women from the draft was unconstitutional.”

There have always been mixed opinions about the draft. The New York Times article states, “They [U.S. Army] are more likely to recruit people from the working class.” Dr. Jennifer Mittelstadt, a professor of history at Rutgers University, explained that people for now have nothing to worry about because the chances of the draft being reinstated, let alone World War III occurring, are not very high.


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