Super Smash Tournament


The Baldwin Park Highs School French Club hosted their first Super Smash Bros tournament with a great turnout, on Friday November 20th  in our school cafeteria.

Last year National Honor Society hosted the Super Smash Tournament, but this year with the help of some of the people who had previously hosted the tournament with National Honor Society, French Club was able to pull off a great event. The French club had a prize of specially designed Super Smash medals, along with a French Club t-shirt.

The cafeteria was filled with many competitors hoping to become top of the heap in the tournament. With aboutIMG_3533Mario-Vanguard thirty competitors the tournament was packed, but by the end of the night, only two remained.

Junior Carlos Polancos and Freshman Marc Santellanes faced off in the finals. Carlos used his favorite character Sheik while Santellanes stayed true to the character he had played with all throughout the tournament, Mario. The match seemed to be even, with both competitors having two wins under their belts. So the match was decided by sudden death, and in the end, Santellanes won and took home the gold.

When asked about how he felt after his victory Santellanes said, “It feels great, because I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I never had the chance to show what I can really do, because I’ve always been that one person in school that’s always shy but, I wanted to show people who I truly am.”

At the end of the night the tournament was a success and everybody went home satisfied with their performance that day.

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