BPHS Basketball Charges Full Force


On Friday, November 15, the varsity basketball team played versus Charter Oak at the BPHS gym. BPHS basketball is ranked Division 5 while Charter Oak is ranked Division 4, with smaller numbers being the higher rank. The BPHS varsity team turned out victorious, showing off their hard work in this pre-season game consisting of two-20 minute halves.

In the first half, both teams were neck and neck, making it hard to foresee who was going to turn out triumphant. A couple of minutes in and the score was 9-8, favoring the BP team. Anthony Sanchez, a junior on the BPHS team, changed the BP score from 9 to 19 by making 2-point baskets and shooting free throws. The opposing team made 9 fouls, giving BPHS free throws which helped lead to the halftime score. The Charter Oak team tried to catch up but Braves ended the half winning at 19-18.

A BPHS fan, Jason Mederos, explained how so far, “BP is playing a good game considering that Charter Oak is in a higher division.”

As the second half started, both teams were striving to make a significant change in the score. In less than a minute, the Charter Oak Chargers scored a 2-pointer, making the score 20-19. Charter Oak kept making baskets, making the score 26-19. About 10 minutes after the second half started, BPHS started to recover. Senior Eric Berumen scored two 3-pointers in a row, making the score 26-24. The BPHS team still had a small gap to close in the score. Sanchez was put in the game again and made a 2-pointer. Now, BP needed to gain the advantage in the score but the Chargers were not far behind. Only four minutes left and the score was 32-26, still in favor of COHS. At minute 3:42 Berumen made a 3-pointer, followed by a 2-pointer made by Sanchez. At this time the score was 32-31. Bryan Varas, another senior, tied the score at 32-32 in the last minute when he sank a free throw after being fouled, which called for overtime.

Berumen believed in his team’s success due to his “practices which created chemistry.”

The referees gave the game two extra minutes. Those two minutes would make the difference in who would be the victor. Varas scored a 3-pointer, leading the Braves to a 35-32 score. At this point, the BPHS defense was at its best, COHS was not able to score in the remaining time. As the overtime came to an end, Varas made another impressive 3-pointer, ending the game with a score of 38-32. BP was victorious.

Junior Adan Castro believes that “our basketball season started off pretty good this year.” He, along with the team, expects to keep their winning streak.

As the BPHS varsity basketball team starts off their season triumphantly, they plan to keep the ball rolling. Come support the BPHS team at their next home game on November 25 versus San Marino at 6:30 pm.

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