NAMI Presents Movember

Photo courtesy of Melamed

November is Men’s Mental Health Awareness month and to publicize this awareness the BPHS National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) club created a spirit week. This Movember Spirit Week took place from November 12 to November 15 to bring attention to men’s mental health and break the stigma surrounding it.

Baldwin Park High School has its own NAMI club on campus that has a partnership with Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser helps this cause by supporting the club. They donate materials for special projects like the altar for Day of the Dead. NAMI, along with Kaiser, hold helpful and informative workshops for students like Girl Talk, Boy Talk, and Anxiety and Coping Skills. These workshops offer advice on how to recognize the signs of mental illnesses, what to say, and how to help those in need.

Photo courtesy of Melamed

Each day students were encouraged to break the stigma by participating in NAMI’s spirit days. November 12th was Tie Tuesday so people wore ties or bows. Staff and students were given ties that they could personalize. The following day was wristband Wednesday and BP Braves were invited to wear wristbands in the colors brown, black, green, and white. NAMI gave out strands of yarn with these colors so students could participate. For Thursday, students dressed like their bros. Students matched with their friends for the day and were able to enjoy fun activities in room 708. There were games like Jenga, Uno, and Air Hockey. For Friday, NAMI announced facial hair Friday where BPHS wore mustaches or beards. Ms. Melamed handed out fake mustaches to participating students.

NAMI has decided to have every month dedicated to raising awareness of certain issues like seasonal affective disorder (SAD), healthy relationships, and depression awareness. On Monday November 18, NAMI is holding a Men’s Mental Health workshop. This December, NAMI is announcing a Dressember to show unity amongst women. For more information, visit room 708 Mondays after school.





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