National Honor Society: Induction


On November 4th 2019 the National Honor Society (NHS) held their annual induction ceremony but this year it was at the Arts and Recreation Center (ARC) to initiate the new and returning members to the this club. Typically the ceremony is held in the cafeteria at BPHS. At this ceremony inductees and previous members were given a certificate to welcome them into the prestigious club.

The night began once most students arrived with a warm welcome from President Herman Cortez to all members and their family. Herman stated that being part of NHS is something parents and students should be proud of. He explained,”It’s a really difficult process and it’s meant to be challenging because it allows us to select the best applicants for membership.” After, he recognized the district leaders who attended the induction, Vice President of Baldwin Park Unified School District’s Board of Education, Ms. Betsabel Lara and BPHS’s principal, Dr. Gilberto Rodriguez. Both district leaders talked about how important education is and how taking part of every opportunity presented is key.

After a dinner was served and everyone had eaten their pasta, lasagna, and salad Herman introduced Zaia Rodriguez, Vice President of NHS, as each board member spoke about the four criteria highlighted in the National Honor Society. The four pillars of NHS are scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Scholarship refers to a person’s ability to find meaning in the world around them, this pillar goes further than just grades. Leadership in NHS does not just mean bossing others around, it means showing the persistence of being able to lead others. Service refers to the volunteering that NHS members do around their community, and these hours should not just be a number but satisfaction at being able to assist others. The last pillar, character, is the most important one because it is about being able to accept responsibility and making the right choice, even when you don’t want to.

The National Honor Society at BPHS enjoys helping their community and during the fall helped at parks, churches and schools. We’ll see what other plans NHS has to help the city of Baldwin Park during winter and spring.




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