She’s coming for you!

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark came out on August 9, 2019. The movie was based on Andre Ovredal’s book series, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The movie started off with a group of friends getting ready to go trick or treating.  The teenage group of friends isn’t exactly the cool kids. The group of teenagers goes out looking for excitement. They come across this old house that had been “haunted” by Sarah Bellows.

Sarah Bellows was a young girl who was mistreated as a child. She was locked in a horrible room under her family’s mansion. As others came over to her home she would tell the younger children scary stories through the walls. She wrote all her stories in a book and as time went on her stories came to life.

The stories came to life when someone would ask “Sarah Bellows, tell me a scary story”. The link in the book was Sarah Bellow’s blood. As the movie goes on Sarah’s stories start to attack the group of teenagers. The stories that came to attack the group of teens were based on their fears. The group of the four teens slowly started to disappear, one by one…

The acting was great, I could tell that the characters were scared. However, in some scenes it seemed as if the cast was a little uncomfortable. Personally, I loved the jumped scares. I would recommend this movie for anyone over the age of 13 to go watch scary stories to tell in the dark.

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