Do We Get the Bell Back?


Earlier this month, Sierra Vista reported they were forfeiting five football games due to a transfer student whose transfer paperwork was not filed with the CIF-SS office. Only the game against Azusa High School was league but, Sierra Vista won the bell on September 13th against Baldwin Park High School. The news of Sierra Vista forfeiting those games created buzz throughout BPHS on what will happen to the bell now.

The night Sierra Vista won the much anticipated game on September 13th was the first time they had the bell since 1999. Since BPHS had the bell for 20 consecutive years, students at SVHS were ecstatic at the thought of getting the infamous bell. There was a ceremony held the week after the victorious game against the Braves in which the bell was painted red instead of blue and, even school board members attended the event. The buzz of the Battle of the Bell game was all over Baldwin Park, alumni of both high schools were either disheartened or thrilled  depending on which school they graduated from.

The rivalry did not end on the field, SVHS students were happy after their win against BP, for the first time in two decades. After the win there were comments made towards BPHS students on social media by SVHS students which created some tension among the schools. The Dons had a rally to celebrate their win during the school week, where their cheerleaders made up a questionable cheer and it was posted on social platforms which ignited anger from the Braves.

The reason Sierra Vista forfeited five games was due to a sophomore whose athletic papers were not transferred over to SV, meaning that he was not cleared by CIF, but the coach still allowed said athlete to play. Coach Knight, Baldwin Park High School’s Athletic Director stated that,”when a player comes from a different high school who was not cleared by CIF they need to submit their paperwork to CIF and either be cleared and or having them sit out half the season or the whole season,” something that SV did not do. The games that were forfeited were only the ones this particular student athlete participated in. Unlike BP Braves, the SV Dons are in Division 13 and they still have another game against Riverside Prep on Friday November 8th. It is still possible for Sierra Vista’s football team to go playoffs if they win their game against Riverside Prep.

Destiny Sanchez

Hearing the news of Sierra Vista forfeiting five games, including the Battle of the Bell game, incited many questions from the BP Braves. Are we getting the bell back? Is there going to be a rematch soon? Is the bell going to be painted gray instead? These are some of the things everyone is wondering. Currently, the bell is still at Sierra Vista, what is the fair thing to do with it?

There is still next year to see who officially wins the Battle of the Bell game, which will most likely be full of excitement and more competition. Next year’s game will settle the score on where the bell belongs.



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