September's Highlight Teachers

September’s Highlight Teachers

November 12, 2019

For the month of September, the Baldwin Park High School administration nominated three standout teachers for teacher of the month. These teachers included Mr. Rivas, Mr. Huerta, and Mr. Bailey. These nominees were chosen because the administration believed that each teacher showed special teaching abilities in their classes.

The administration goes through a specific process to choose these teachers. First the administration team, which consists of the principal and the three assistant principals, does pop-ins to several classrooms. The administrator observes the class for several minutes, evaluating the teacher’s engagement. Then at the end of the month, the admin team looks at a list of teachers whose class they visited. From this list the team picks out teachers that displayed the most outstanding qualities. For September, the admin team felt that the teachers with the most standout capacities were Mr. Rivas, Mr. Huerta, and Mr. Bailey.

Mr. Rivas is a new addition to the teacher faculty at BPHS, teaching math 1 and world history. Mr. Rivas was awarded “for providing an engaging classroom structure and having a positive attitude.” Furthermore, Dr. Rodriguez saw “his techniques in the classroom at getting the students engaged and staying positive.” Mr. Rivas showed the skillset inspiring his students to persevere and keep trying. Mr. Rivas does not let his students give up. Mr. Rivas stated, “I do what needs to be done.”

Mr. Huerta has been at BPHS for five years coordinating marching band, wind ensemble, symphonic band, percussion ensemble, jazz band, and colorguard. The administration team nominated Mr. Huerta for teacher of the month for “elevating the Band Program by building teamwork and showing an interest in students’ lives outside of school,” as stated on his certificate. Moreover, the principal saw and understood Mr. Huerta’s toil as he has the “ability to build that team chemistry with 150 students who play different instruments.” Mr. Huerta possesses the ability to manage and coordinate a large class, leading them to tournaments and championships. With all his work accomplished, Mr. Huerta was shocked when receiving the award. He explained, “I don’t do my job expecting to get awards, so when you do get recognized it’s kind of cool.”

Mr. Bailey has only been with the BPHS faculty for two years. He teaches chamber choir, concert choir, beginning women’s, and baritone choir. Mr. Bailey holds skills to encourage his students to sing. Mr. Bailey, as stated on his award, has an ability “for creating an engaging classroom structure and teaching with enthusiasm and passion.” As Mr. Rodriguez explained, Mr. Bailey has the capacity for “creating that enthusiasm, that engaging classroom atmosphere” and “he brings energy and excitement and most importantly, creates a safe environment for the students to feel like they can practice.” Mr. Bailey holds high expectations for each of his students. He does not give up on his students, instead he motivates them. When receiving his award, Mr. Bailey felt surprised but acknowledges that he “puts in a lot of hours” and his work is reflected in his students’ success.

For September, Mr. Rivas, Mr. Huerta, and Mr. Bailey were chosen for teachers of the month. Each month teachers will be chosen by the administration team to be awarded for their strategies in the classroom. Dr. Rodriguez explained it will not always be three teachers a month, it may be five or only one. Teachers are now waiting upon the administration team’s random pop-ins in order to exhibit their skills.

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