Renaissance Presents: Teacher of the Month

December 10, 2019

Each month at Baldwin Park High School, Renaissance awards two teachers the Teacher of the Month Award to show how much they are appreciated by the students of BPHS. After students nominate a teacher, Renaissance randomly selects the winners for the month.  The teachers chosen for the month of September were Ms. MacDonald and Mr. Compton.

Renaissance awards “Teacher of the Month” to show teachers they are appreciated by students on campus even though sometimes it may not seem like it. Renaissance awards two teachers per month so that at least 18 teachers will be recognized every school year. These Teachers of the Month are different from the Admin Teacher of the Month. The major difference between Renaissance and Admin’s recognition of teachers is that Renaissance chooses their teachers based on students’ nominations while the Administration goes into classes during the month and at the end chooses the teachers they believe stood out with their teaching style. Also, Renaissance only chooses two teachers per month while Admin chooses as many teachers as they think deserve the recognition of being “Teacher of the Month.”

As mentioned before, one of the teachers who was awarded for the month of September was Ms. MacDonald. She teaches Social Studies to sophomores and juniors in the 500s hall. She has been a teacher at BPHS for 22 years. She stated, “It lifted my spirits,” and really appreciated the award given to her.

Mr. Compton, the second teacher awarded for the month of September, teaches English to sophomores and seniors. Mr.Compton explained,” I thought it was fantastic, it really encouraged me to continue to be here as a teacher and the population that I’m serving respects the lessons and all the hard work that I do.” Renaissance surprised these teachers with a “Teacher of the Month” trophy, which will be passed on to next month’s teacher, a certificate and school supplies that they get to keep.

Renaissance focuses on improving the culture of the school, especially making sure everyone on campus, including staff, feels appreciated. Recognizing different teachers each month gives students a chance to nominate their favorite teacher or the one who has made the most impact on them while also showing students’ gratitude. If someone has a strong, positive opinion about a certain teacher they can nominate them in Rm. 612 and their favorite teacher might just be awarded the “Teacher of the Month” award.


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