Vikings Conquer the Braves


On Monday, October 8th, the Northview Vikings defeated the Braves Volleyball team in a thrilling match at the Baldwin Park High School Gym. Throughout the game, both teams were head-to-head, scoring points one after the other.

Throughout the match, there were many back and forths, though the most entertaining point of the game was during and after the fourth game. The game went over 25 points as a team had to score two points over the other to win the period. Though the Braves put up a good fight, they lost the fourth game with a score of 30 to 28. This led to the fifth game.

Varsity player and senior, Paola Vasquez stated, “Northview was a great match, nothing but respect for the Northview coaches”

The fifth game was the most intense part of the match, as whoever scored two points over the other wins. This match proceeded to be neck-to-neck until the Vikings scored two points over the Braves. The Braves put up a good fight but struggled to keep the lead. The match ended with a score of 15 to 13, with the Northview Vikings as the winner.

Daniella Fonseca, a senior said, “That was our best game of the season, mainly because of how close the match was”

Even though the Braves lost, the match was still very enjoyable. It had many memorable moments throughout the periods, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats shouting in excitement.

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