Are eSports Real Sports?


With the rise of eSports in recent years, many people are wondering whether or not this should be considered a legitimate sport. Some people are saying it is a sport because it takes skill and strategy to win games. On the other hand, others are saying it shouldn’t because there is no physical exertion being put into playing video games.

Of course, the first thing we have to identify is the literal definition of sports. defines sports as, “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess” With this definition we could knock out the fact that eSports does not have physical prowess, but does have skill and strategy. However, according to Tyler Fischer’s article, “Esports Require More Skills Than Traditional Sports”, the great amount of skill and strategy needed to compete in eSports is much harder to achieve than traditional physical sports.

According to Matthew Walther’s article, “Sorry, Nerds: Video Games Are Not a Sport”, published by THE WEEK, Walther elaborates on how video games should not be considered a sport because all you’re doing is interacting with a screen and avoiding physical exertion. In the article, he also states, “Video games are, in other words, another of those illusions we peddle to convince people that the world’s problems do not exist.”  With this being said, we can’t deny that part of this is true but it works for both types of sports.

Nick Barcelo, a senior and  president of the eSports club for Baldwin Park High School, “I believe eSports and physical sports should be kept separate entities because both require different attributes from their players”

Barcelo believes they are different types of sports entirely, as they require different but similar aspects to compete. Many athletic players don’t have the quick thinking and stratagem to be professional eSport players, while many eSport players aren’t as physically fit to compete in athletic sports. They are on the same spectrum but do not match up entirely.

With this being said, yes, eSports should be considered a type of sport. Though these sports are different in physical and mental demands, there are similarities there, leaving both under the same wing. eSports like Super Smash Bros, League of Legends, and Dota require a lot of quick thinking and strategy to win. Traditional sports like football, baseball, and basketball require more physical strength and strategy. Many people still don’t know how to go about this, but many people to this day still argue whether or not it should be considered a sport or not.

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