Sunrise on Senior Year


Photo courtesy of Anthony Martinez


On September 19th, seniors woke up before the sun rose, took their blankets and arrived at the BPHS football field before 6:30 AM. Every year Senior Sunrise is held early in the school year to symbolize the beginning of the end.

Photo courtesy of Anthony Martinez

For the first time in Senior Sunrise history, free breakfast was offered to the students, courtesy of Grocery Outlet. There was an immense variety of food available, from eggs, bacon and sausage, to many types of cereals, and donuts.

Photo courtesy of Brian Barragan

Throughout the week, ASB made gigantic posters with sunflowers and sunsets and hanged them on the field houses near the track where people had mini photoshoots with their friends. Due to these pretty backgrounds seniors were drawn to them.

Everyone had mixed opinions about the Senior Sunrise. Some loved the event, while others regretted waking up early.┬áJennifer Cardoso stated,”The sun didn’t even come out, so I kind of do regret waking up at 5:30 for there to not be an actual sunrise.”

While Marisa Martinez explained, “Although, we never actually saw the sun I was glad to be with my fr

Photo courtesy of Paulina Frausto

iends, enjoying each other’s company and making memories.”

Mrs.Wong, English Literature teacher, encouraged seniors to attend the sunrise. She believes it is a symbolic moment in our lives and states it is, “the dawn of your adulthood.”

Whether the sun came out or not, there is only one Senior Sunrise for each graduating class, so everyone should try to cherish moments like these with friends. Those who got up early for this start of senior year will have memories of that day that they’ll most likely remember even after they graduate. In a couple of months, near graduation, seniors will get together again to look at the sunset and reminisce about the beginning of the year and how far everyone has come. Overall, Senior Sunrise is an event all seniors should at least consider attending.




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