Is the Senior Class Ring Worth It?


With the class of 2020 coming into their senior year, many are wondering whether or not spending money on a senior class ring is worth it. Some students feel like it’s too expensive for something they might not wear when they’re older, while others think it is important to have something to remind them of high school and their experience. 

According to the Complete Book of Etiquette by Amy Vanderbilt, a class ring is like a “badge of honor”, similar to a diploma, not only symbolizing the achievements of said student but the student themselves.

Arianna Rios, a 2019 graduate, says, “It’s a connection to your class and school, that is there to remind you of your accomplishments.”

Sadly, with the price of a class ring ranging from $200-$4,000, many students would rather save their money for school dances, events, and for college.

Some seniors like Kevin Duong say, ”I’m just trying to save up for Grad Night and prom, things are getting expensive this year.”

With Grad Night coming close to $200 this year students are questioning whether or not they want to spend their money on small materialistic things like the class ring. Not only this, but the expenses of prom and college coming around the corner, people are not entirely sure what to invest in.



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