El día de la independencia de México

September 15, 2019

Mexican Independence Day is on September 16. This date marks the day that Mexico revolted to be liberated from Spain’s hold. Mexicans everywhere celebrate their gained independence in various ways.
El día de la independencia de México is celebrated on the 16th, but “El Grito” is celebrated the day before, on September 15th. This day marks when Miguel Hidalgo gathered people from Dolores to rise up against the Spanish monarch. The next day, September 16th, recognizes the start of the Mexican War of Independence.

Mexicans commemorate their independence by having monstrous fireworks in shapes of bulls and revolving spirals. There are also fiestas with large amounts of food, loud music, and dances. Some of the biggest parties are held in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and other large cities. Moreover, the decorations are made with the colors of the Mexican flag: red, green, and white. Some of these decorations and supplies include flowers made of tissue paper, Mexican candy, and of course the Mexican flag.

The most recognized commemoration is the president reenacting “El Grito de Dolores.” The president gives a speech about Mexican patriotism. He repeats the words that Miguel Hidalgo declared to the townspeople of Dolores. The president includes in his speech, “viva la paz y la fraternidad, viva los pueblos indigenas de Mexico, viva Mexico.” After every declaration, Mexicans respond with “viva!” Mexicans respond to and observe this national holiday. Even if people are not able to go see the president live, they follow along on t.v., radio, or any other live stream.

An important thing to note is that Cinco de Mayo and el día de la independencia de México are not the same. Cinco de Mayo is the day that the Mexican army won the Battle of Puebla. Unlike Mexican Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo is more well known in the United States. In fact, Mexico does not acknowledge nor celebrate el Cinco de Mayo.

The celebration of Mexico’s gained independence is celebrated between September 15 and 16. On the BPHS campus, teachers celebrated Mexican independence by wearing Mexican embroidered blouses. Now, students are anticipating the event of Día de los Muertos held by the Dual Language program.

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