Destiny Sanchez

The End of An Era

September 28, 2019

On Friday the 13th ,the unthinkable happened and some very bad luck possessed the BPHS football team. After 20 years of victory BPHS lost the infamous bell on their field. The Battle for the Bell is the most anticipated game in Baldwin Park. Despite a 20-6 lead at halftime, their defeat was partly due to many BPHS football players getting injured throughout the night.

The week began with Camo Day because “They can’t fight what they can’t see.” There was limited participation this spirit day, probably due to the fact that camo is not a trend. Tuesday students were encouraged to wear one brand because BP had to “Just Win It.” Many wore sports brands like Nike leggings with a t-shirt or Hollister jeans with a tee. Wednesday was beach attire to show the school was, “surfing our way to victory.” Students took part in this spirit day by wearing Hawaiian shirts or sunglasses. Thursday the student body wore white because “together we fight.” This was a fairly easy spirit day because everyone owns white. That same day there was a night rally to hype up the BPHS student body for the much awaited game. Friday there was a blue out because “we bleed blue,” another easy spirit day.

The night of the game started off with two touchdowns by the Braves, giving BPHS supporters hope that the bell would once again stay home. Soon, the Dons amped up their game and scored a touchdown, making the score 20-6 at halftime. As the third quarter began, BPHS was hopeful that the bell would stay blue, because they scored their third touchdown, leaving the score 27-6. The Sierra Vista Dons were persistent, so much that they almost caught up, making the score 27-26. At this moment BPHS fans realized the bell may turn red. In the last five minutes the Dons surpassed BP, ending the game 34-27. Although, the BPHS football players tried to make one last touchdown, time ran out and for the first time in 20 years the bell was Sierra Vista’s.

Many BPHS students say it was bad luck due to the presence of a full moon and the fact that it was Friday the 13th, but everyone can agree that there was a feeling of disappointment as we said goodbye to the bell. Both teams tried their best and gave their all during this rivalry game. Hopefully next year we get the chance to repaint the bell blue.

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