New Season, New Goal


The 2019-2020 BPHS boys’ soccer team is looking forward to the new season and what’s to come. As the winter season approaches, the junior varsity and varsity soccer teams were already chosen. The committed soccer players were interviewed to see what drives their passion to play soccer and how far they think their dedication will take them. They all believe that their team bonds will take them all the way to CIF.

A junior for the BPHS varsity soccer team, Anthony Martinez, expressed how the coach’s attitude is an integral part of the team’s success. “Our coach is like our dad, so he’s always on us and really cares about us.” Anthony believes that the coach brings the team together creating “more connection and chemistry between each other.” Anthony started off in JV in his freshman year and was moved up to a varsity sub by his sophomore year. This will be his 3rd year playing soccer at BPHS, starting off the year in the varsity team. Anthony’s dedication is demonstrated through his years of playing soccer not only at BPHS. He started playing at three years old and his passion has only grown since then.

Mohamad Mariam, a junior at BPHS, has been playing ever since he could walk. He believes that soccer plays an important factor in his academics. “It actually helps me. It keeps me committed and focused on school.” Moreover, Mariam believes that the soccer team has a better shot at making CIF and winning the tournament. He has seen a lack of attitude comparing last season and this upcoming season. As he commented about last year’s season, there was a “lack of players being committed.” Mohamad sees an immense value in soccer as he plans to go pro. “I love the sport. It’s always been a goal in my life to play soccer.”

A senior soccer player, Bryant Arroyo, made the BPHS varsity boys team. He has been playing soccer since 5th grade in the Baldwin Park League but decided to play for BPHS his last year of high school. Arroyo believes that “it’s important to go to practice everyday because it develops relationships with other players and that helps in the games.” Bryant sees special bonds between the team that allows them to play really well together.

The boys’ soccer team has created strong bonds over the years they have played together. Last year they made it all the way to CIF but were defeated by the SV boys’ soccer team. This year, they expect to surpass this defeat and win CIF. November 18th will be their first game of the season and they are excited to make their way to CIF.

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